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While every marriage begins with the very best of intentions, not every story has a happy ending. If you live in Connecticut and are considering a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets, call Fairfield Family Law today. We’ll tell you everything you need to know!

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Requirements for Valid Prenuptial Agreements in CT

• Both parties must receive a fair and reasonable disclosure of the amount, character, and value of property, income, and financial liabilities prior to signing.
• Both parties must voluntarily enter into the agreement without force or duress.
• Both parties must have reasonable opportunity to obtain the advice and guidance of independent legal counsel.
• The agreement must not be so one-sided that it makes it unconscionable to enter into it or unconscionable when one party seeks to enforce it. 
• Both parties must sign the agreement while being witnessed by a notary public. 

If you have any additional questions about what’s involved in a prenuptial agreement, and whether it would be beneficial to you or not, please call Fairfield Family Law to schedule a consultation.

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