Matrimonial Action from Another State?

In the state of Connecticut, any party to a matrimonial action in another state can file a certified copy of such a judgment in Connecticut Superior Court. As long as that judgment has not been altered, suspended, or vacated in any way, it will become a judgment in Connecticut also, and will be treated in the same manner.

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One Important Distinction

There is one difference to keep in mind when filing a matrimonial action from another state in Connecticut Superior Court. With such judgments, Connecticut law mandates that courts apply the substantive law of the state in which the judgment was originally made. For example, if a Connecticut court is reviewing a judgment from New York in order to modify child support provisions, the court would apply New York child support law. 

Attorney Uswah A. Khan is well-versed in these cases. If you need an action applied and/or modified in the state of Connecticut, call the office to schedule a consultation. 

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