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A dissolution of marriage is the legal term for a divorce in the state of Connecticut. This occurs when two parties have been legally wed, and one or both of them seek to end the marriage through the court system. This process typically goes in one of two ways: a legal separation or an annulment.

Legal Separation

This is a court order between married people. While similar to a divorce in that the court can issue rulings regarding money and children, the parties are still legally married following the process. It is usually done for religious reasons, when people cannot live together but divorce is not an option. 

However, a legal separation can also be sought when married parties wish to start living separately and seek a full divorce down the road. Please note that if one party requested a legal separation and the other seeks a divorce, the court will grant the divorce.

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This is a court order that basically wipes a marriage from the record. This is typically only possible if the marriage itself was not legal to begin with (e.g. underage party, one party was already legally married). Additionally, some churches will have a separate process for an annulment that is not connected to the Connecticut legal system at all. 

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