Your Local Child Custody Lawyer

Get a Long-Term Plan
Every moment you spend with your children is precious, which is why Fairfield Family Law will fight for every second with your kids. Not only will our child custody lawyer help you figure out an immediate plan for custody, but she will also help you get a long-term solution to seeing your children consistently.

Expert Custody Advice

Because each family’s circumstances are different, Fairfield Family Law will take a close look at your unique situation and provide you and your children with the best arrangements. We will assist you in working out a fair agreement for child support, so that your children are well cared for. With over a decade of experience, our practice will aggressively represent you in trial.
Comprehensive Child Custody Services
We offer child custody services for guardian ad litem/attorney appointments for minors, mediation, enforcing foreign matrimonial judgments, and kidnapping (PKPA) and UCCJEA assistance. The safety of your children is of the utmost importance, and Attorney Khan will handle your legal situation with sincere understanding and skillful negotiation.

Family Law Fairfield, CT
We’ll Be Your Voice
If settling child custody issues amicably with your ex-spouse is not a viable option, our child custody lawyer will be your voice and secure you the agreement best suited for your situation. You won’t have to worry about the headache of having arguments with a person with whom you no longer wish to be involved. Call Fairfield Family Law to get started!

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