Prevention Goes a Long Way

In 2015, approximately 460,700 children were abducted, according to FBI statistics. In any divorce case involving children, a judgment will be made regarding custody and visitation. There will be many cases where this judgment is not completely acceptable to one or both parties. If you believe your ex is capable of abducting your child or children, there are some things you can do to protect them.

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Safety Tips for Parents

• Go over the rules about which homes your children can visit when you aren’t home and discuss boundaries.
• Always keep the lines of communication open with your children. Teach them how to escape dangerous or awkward situations effectively with role-playing. 
• Establish rules regarding whose vehicle they are allowed to ride in. Tell them never to approach any vehicle unless accompanied by a parent or trusted adult.
• Make sure the kids know their full names, address, telephone number and how to dial 911.
• Use caution when seeking babysitters. Obtain references from family and friends.

If you think your ex is capable of abducting your children, DO NOT attempt to confront him or her by yourself. The last thing you (and your children) need is legal trouble. Please call Fairfield Family Law and let us help you. 

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